Why Join TRI?

TRI has one guiding mission: to serve the refractories industry. Membership in TRI yields many benefits, including:

  • Assistance with response to government regulatory initiatives.
  • Targeted information in the form of packets, guidelines, and educational seminars.
  • Alerts on emerging regulatory issues.
  • Opportunity to benchmark one’s policies, practices, and performance through participation in TRI’s wage, benefit, and salary; healthcare cost; and lost workday injury surveys.
  • Ability to provide input on legislative initiatives, such as regulatory reform, product liability, trade, and environmental and safety and health statutes.
  • Access to economic information related to refractories and refractory-consuming industries.
  • Opportunity to network, exchange technical information, and collaborate to solve problems through service on TRI committees and by attending TRI meetings. [hyperlinks should take you to the Upcoming Meetings page]

Benefits and Eligibility

WHO CAN JOIN TRI? Membership Categories TRI offers four categories of membership: Manufacturer, Associate, Affiliate, and Contractors and Installers.

Manufacturer. Manufacturer membership is for companies directly involved in the manufacture of refractories in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Latin America. Dues are assessed based on annual sales of refractories and refractory products. Active members must have a manufacturing facility in the Western Hemisphere.

Associate. Suppliers of raw materials, equipment, and services to refractories manufacturers are eligible for Associate membership. Dues are assessed based on annual sales of materials and products to the refractories industry. Associate members receive all of the services available to active members, but may not serve on the board of directors (except the position of chairman of the Associates Advisory Committee) and may not vote on institute policy. Associate members do, however, have voting privileges on standing committees. Associate membership is available to companies around the world.

Affiliate. Affiliate membership is for: (1) manufacturers of refractory products with headquarters outside North America and no manufacturing facilities in North America, and (2) distributors of refractory products in North America that do not manufacture refractory products. Affiliate members can attend TRI meetings, but cannot participate in activities specifically relating to North American manufacturers.

Contractors and Installers. Like Associate members, Contractors and Installers members can serve and vote as members of TRI committees, but cannot vote on institute policy. Dues are assessed at a flat rate.

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