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Kyanite Mining Corporation
30 Wills Mountain Plant Lane
Dillwyn, VA 23936
Phone: (434) 983-2034; (434) 983-2085
Fax:     (434) 983-3579; (434) 983-5178

Kyanite Mining is the world's largest and oldest producer of Kyanite ore and its derivative, Mullite. KMC has six modern production plants, which uphold quality in product and quantity in mineral mass. Our high-alumina refractory and ceramic additives have enabled manufacturers to meet their customers' quality demands.

Since 1932 Kyanite Mining has been a consistent service-oriented producer to manufacturers worldwide. Kyanite Mining currently is serving 12 to 14 industries.

Quality is always striving for improvement and will be maintained to the best of our ability.

KMC assures customers that their needs and requirements will be met. Just-in-time deliveries to industries are supported with ready-to-ship inventory. Our modern research and development laboratory, which assures exacting quality control, serves customers with special requirements.

Kyanite ore, a high-alumina mineral, allows body size control and volume stability, high mechanical strength and high fired strength even under load. Resistance to spalling, cracking, warping, chipping, shrinkage and deformation is Kyanite's strengths, allowing faster heating and immediate cooling.

Kyanite Mining strives to benefit the customer in the use of its commodity, to assist the customer in shipping and on-time delivery.