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Gorka Cement Sp.  z o.o.
58 Lipcowa
Trzebinia, Poland
Phone: (312) 772-0251

For more than 100 years, Gorka Cement has been manufacturing calcium aluminate and high alumina cements from our headquarters in Trzebinia, Poland. Our technical knowledge, experience and longevity in manufacturing help make the GORKAL brand of cements an excellent choice for all applications. We pride ourselves on the quality, consistency and purity of our products.

Since 2000, we have been part of the Mapei group. This affiliation has assisted us in expanding our customer base to new markets and applications in over 60 countries throughout the world.

CEO / President: Marco Squinzi
Manufacturing Contact: Michal Karolczyk
Marketing Contact: Piotr Palichleb
Safety Contact: Artur Watroba
Environmental Contact: Lukasz Romanski
Research Contact: Wojciech Kagan
US Contact: Robert Hunter,

Plant Locations:
Trzebinia, Malopolskie, Poland

Research Locations:

Laboratory Locations:

Sales Locations:
Trzebinia, Malopolskie, Poland
+48 519 542 832
Tomasz Turski

Types of Products:
Cements: Gorkal 40, Gorkal 50+, Gorkal 70, Gorflow