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Calucem Inc.
7540 Windsor Drive, Suite 304
Allentown, PA 18195
Phone:  484-223-2950 - (800) 348-7070
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Calucem Inc. is responsible for the North American sales and marketing of our Calcium Aluminate (CA) cement product line, which is produced at our plant in Pula, Croatia. Our products are marketed under the trade names of Lumnite, Lumnite MG, Refcon, Refcon MG and are used extensively by refractory manufacturers to produce castables and gunning mixes. These CA cements are used as hydraulic binders with various selected aggregates to produce heat-abrasion-corrosion resistant and insulating concretes and mortars.

Specialty cement applications for CA cements beyond refractory use include corrosion resistance, varied quick-setting uses and water treatment.

Our products are available in both package and bulk and are distributed from our main terminal located near St. Louis, MO. They are also available throughout the U.S. at various terminals. All products are tested according to ASTM and other accepted procedures, and our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification achieved in 1999 underscores our commitment to managing and improving quality.

For further information on any of our Calcium Aluminate cements, please contact us or visit our Website at

Douglas Ostrander - President
Robert Stacy - Vice-President Sales & Marketing

Plant Locations:
Pula, Croatia

Research Locations:
Eppelheim, Germany

Laboratory Locations:
Eppelheim, Germany
Pula, Croatia

Sales Locations:
Allentown, PA

Calcium Aluminate Cements sold under the tradenames of Lumnite MG
Lumnite, Refcon MG & Refcon