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AluChem, Inc.
One Landy Lane
Reading, OH 45215
Phone: (513) 733-8519
Fax:     (513) 733-3123;     (513) 733-0608

AluChem, Inc. is one of the largest specialty alumina producers in the United States. The Company produces a broad range of high quality Calcined, Reactive, Tabular and Activated Aluminas as well as, Zircon Flours, and others refined mineral products.

AluChem was founded in 1978 by Ronald L. Bell, Edward L. Butera, and Ronald P. Zapletal in Reading, Ohio, where they leased a seven acre site. In 1981, and in 1987, they bought a 100 acre site in Jackson, OH. AluChem made its first acquisition in 1996 when the shareholders purchased Porocel Corporation in Little Rock, AR.

AluChem employs approximately 125 people (88 employees in Reading, OH; 47 in Jackson, OH). Between the two facilities, AluChem maintains more than 225,000 square feet of warehouse and processing area.

Ronald P. Zapletal, President
Edward L. Butera, Vice President Sales & Marketing
Ronald L. Bell, Vice President Manufacturing
Paul H. Ormond, National Sales/Marketing Manager

Plant Locations:
Reading, OH; Jackson, OH; Little Rock, AR

Research Locations:
Reading, OH

Laboratory Locations:
Reading, OH; Jackson, OH

Sales Locations:
Reading, OH