RESCO Products
One Robinson Plaza, Suite 300
6600 Steubenville Pike
Pittsburgh, PA 15205
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On July 26, 1946, a rented barn in Philadelphia, PA, became the corporate headquarters of RESCO PRODUCTS, INC., then known as Refractory Specialties Co. Founded to manufacture five refractory formulations acquired from the M.W. Kellogg Company, the young Resco owned a crusher, a cement mixer and two wheelbarrows.

Wellspring Capital Management, founded in 1995, is a leading middle-market private equity firm, and they purchased RESCO in September 2011. Wellspring's plans for RESCO include further growth, both organically and through acquisitions, and continued development of resources to provide high quality, value-driven refractories. In-depth knowledge of customer needs, innovative engineering, and a commitment to raising the standard - all these qualities have made and continue to make Resco Products Inc. a world leader. Today, Resco's ownership is dedicated to continuing the high standards and exemplary commitment which has made it a well respected suppler. Employing over 700 people in operations which span the globe, Resco Products Inc. continues to be known for quality services, quality products, and unparalleled expertise in all the industries that the company is so proud to serve.

Facilities Operated:
1. Marelan, Quebec about 50 miles west of Montreal.
2. Hammond, located in Northwest Indiana in the heart of that regions steel industry.
3. East Canton, OH
4. Greensboro, NC
5. Santa Fe Springs, CA, near Los Angeles
6. New Castle, PA
7. Warren, OH
8. Tarentum, PA
9. Hillsborough, NC
10. Oak Hill, OH
11. Moulton, AL
12. Resco-UK, located in the East Midlands of the U.K.

Products Manufactured:
Magnesia Carbon
Burned Magnesite
Direct Bonded Magnesite Chrome
Burned Dolomite Brick
Resin Bonded Dolomite Brick
Dolomitic Mortars and Ram Mixes
Alumina Magnesia Graphite
Burned Alumina
Liquid Coatings
Cordierite Kiln Furniture
Ramming Mixes
Precast Shapes
Taphole Shapes
Special products and minerals
Re-bonded fused magnesia-chrome brick
Gun Mixes

Applications Served:
Basic oxygen furnaces - brick tank and working linings
Hot metal car linings
Iron charging ladles
Electric arc furnaces - brick hearth, sidewall and roof linings, precast shapes
Steel ladles - safety and working lining brick and specialties including full monolithic ladles
RH and DH degassers
Tundish permanent linings -- castables
Reheat Furnaces - specialty castables and plastics
Cement - kiln brick
Kiln Furniture