BNZ Materials, Inc.
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BNZ Materials, Inc., with over 60 years of production experience, continues to provide quality refractory materials that meet the demands of today's sophisticated high temperature processing industries. The production facilities in North Billerica, MA, Zelienople, PA and Plemet, France stand at the forefront in development and supply of insulating firebrick, cast brick, and dense calcium silicate board products.

BNZ Zelienople and BNZ France offer 23 grades of IFB for use in applications from 2000°F to 3200°F. Each type is formulated to meet specific thermal and physical requirements, and, after firing, is machined to precise tolerances.

BNZ Billerica, home of the Marinite® and Transite® brands, manufactures a variety of non-asbestos calcium silicate structural insulation that combines high strength and excellent thermal insulating characteristics for fire protection, electric resistance, molten metal handling, and heat processing applications.

The company's ISO 9002 certified Quality Systems monitors all processes to ensure consistency and quality. Through a network of domestic and international sales managers and distributors, BNZ products can be found worldwide. Whatever the product, BNZ's technical and production staff brings expertise to the table, time and time again. Continuous improvements to current product offerings and new product development make BNZ a technical leader on the cutting edge of industry.

BNZ, supplying the products that have become the standards of industry.

Ken Hunter, President
Josh Hulce, Chairman
John Fischer, Vice Chairman
John Beighey, Senior Vice President Operations
Mike Chieppor, Senior Director Sales & Marketing

Plant Locations:
Zelienople, PA; Billerica, MA; Plemet, France

Research Locations:
Zelienople, PA; Billerica, MA; Plemet, France

Laboratory Locations:
Zelienople, PA; Billerica, MA; Plemet, France

Sales Locations:
Raleigh, NC; Pittsburgh, PA; Billerica, MA; Zelienople, PA; Toronto, Canada; Plemet, France