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Electro Abrasives Corp.
701 Willet Road
Buffalo, NY 14218
Phone: (716) 822-2500;     1-800-284-4748
Fax:     (716) 822-2858

Manufactures the following at our SPC controlled Buffalo facilities:
A. Black Silicon Carbide #1 Refractory

  • Splits (98.5% typical) 6/F, 10/F, etc. cut into custom sizes or 6/8, 8/16, 16/35, 35/70, 80/F, 100/F, 200/F
  • Water Washed Fines 270/F, 800/F-W, 900/F-W, 1200/F-W, 2.5 micron
  • Dust Collector Fines 200/F (CR, CT, CTC)
  • F320-W, 360-W, 400-W, 500-W, 600-W, 800-W, 1000-W, 1200-W

B. Green Silicon Carbide Powders water classified in our Green Facilities

  • Fine splits 400/500, 500/600, etc.
  • Water washed Fines 800/F-W, 1200/F-W
  • F320-W, 360-W, 400-W, 500-W, 600-W, 800-W, 1000-W, 1200-W, 2 micron, 1200/F-W

C. Boron Carbide grains and Water Classified Powders made in our Boron Carbide Plant

  • -200 mesh
  • -400 mesh
  • -10 microns, 2 microns
  • F100, F120, 150, 180, F220, 240, 280, F320-W, 360-W, 400-W, 500-W, 600-W, 800-W, 1000-W, 1200-W

We are committed to continual improvement and superior service.

Kristine Ramming, President & CEO
James R. Kintzel, Plant Manager
Cindy Ryniec, Customer Service Manager
Robert Mesanovic, Plant Superintendent & Engineer
Charles Hubbard, Quality Control Manager & Quality Assurance Engineer
Robert Christensen, Regional Sales Engineer

Plant Locations: Buffalo, NY

Research Locations: Buffalo, NY

Laboratory Locations: Buffalo, NY

Sales Locations: Houston, TX; Los Angeles, CA