The Christy Industrial Holdings
4641 McRee
St. Louis, Missouri 63110 USA
Phone: (314) 773-7500
Fax: (314) 773-8371

Founded in 1922 with roots dating back to the early 1800’s, Christy Industrial Holdings is a leading producer and distributor of industrial ceramics for vital global industries such as agriculture, automotive, aerospace, medical, energy, steel, cement, aluminum and ceramics which produce the necessities and luxuries we enjoy and use every day. Christy has four main operating businesses:

The Christy Refractories Company, L.L.C. is a full line refractory distributor. In addition, it manufactures a wide variety of refractory shapes under its registered trademarks in its St. Louis, Missouri plant and can repair or rebuild any truck transportable refractory lined vessel.

Christy Industrial Services, LLC is a turnkey refractory contactor and performs demolition and installation of nearly any refractory system.

Christy Minerals, LLC mines, calcines, and grinds many alumino-silicate materials: flint (chamotte), burley, plastic fireclay (Hawthorn Bond®), diaspore and bauxite. Located in High Hill, Missouri, Christy Minerals performs custom calcining and grinding services and is expert in the manufacture of investment casting grains under its STKO® trademark.

Christy Catalytics, LLC manufactures a wide line of inert catalyst bed support and mass transfer materials for the global refining, chemical and metals industries under its PROX-SVERS® and other trademarks and patents. This division exports nearly 50% of its product to virtually every part of the world.

Brian Osborne, CEO
Tim Richter, CFO
Shane Bower, President for Christy Minerals, LLC
Chris Perry, President for Christy Refractories and Christy Industrial Service

St. Louis, MO; High Hill, MO; Crooksville, OH; Houston, TX; Shanghai, China