Rath USA
300 Ruthar Drive
Newark, Delaware 19711                                                
Phone: (302) 294-4446
Fax:     (302) 294-4451

Rath USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rath AG in Vienna Austria. Rath USA has two operating companies, Rath Inc and Rath Refractories.  Rath Incorporated is located in Newark, Delaware and produces fiber-based refractory products.  Rath Refractories is located in Milledgeville, Georgia and produces dense and insulating brick products.

The Rath Inc. brand families include Altra fiber bulk, blanket and modules, Altra KVR and Altra KVS vacuum formed boards, cylinders and special shapes. Altra fiber products have use temperature up to 1650C, Altra KVR vacuum formed products have use temperature up to 1550C, and Altra KVS vacuum formed products have use temperatures up to 1800C.  Rath Inc. offers CNC capabilities and installation services.

Rath Refractories brand families include Korrath corundum-based brick, Silrath andalusite-based brick, Durrath fireclay-based brick, and Porrath bubble alumina insulating brick.  Compatible mortars are also produced.  In addition to Rath brand names, Rath Refractories also manufactures under contract with Minteq International, the Minteq Zedmark dense brick for the glass industry.

Affiliated Companies:
Rath AG, Rath GmbH, Rath Hungaria Kft, Rath Zarotechnika, Rath Polska, Rath S.A.S., Rath Ukraijna

Manufacturing Plants:
Milledgeville Georgia USA
Newark Delaware USA
Krumnussbaum Austria, Meissen Germany, Monchengladbach Germany,
Wirges Germany, Bennewitz Germany and Budapest Hungary

Research Center:
Krumnussbaum Germany

USA Sales Locations:
Newark DE

Rath USA Management:
David Grube       General Manager
Rick Sabol          Business Development Manager
Frank Rowe       Technical Manager
Matt Linn            Manager of Application Engineering


David Grube General Manager Phone: 302-294-4463
Rick Sabol Business Development Manager Phone: 302-294-4458
Frank Rowe Technical Manager Phone: 302-294-4459
Matt Linn Manager of Application Engineering Phone: 302 294-4460