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Thermal Refractory
PO Box 490724
Minneapolis, MN 55449
Phone: (612) 751-2010

Thermal Refractory is a premier refractory contractor and supplier with an extensive oxidizer history. We offer engineered studies, equipment, certified welding, project management and refractory installation. We are an industry leader using superior materials and installers to provide you the best long term lining.

Renae Clark, President
Jon Clark, Project Management

Plant Locations:
Northfield, MN
Armstrong, IA

Sales Locations:
Minneapolis, MN
Madison, WI

Types of Services:

Complete new equipment design, rebuilds, sales and engineering for your process equipment, whether it's a RTO/TO, boiler, furnace, dryer or incinerator - We've got you covered.

Work with several OEM's to help you find best unit for your facility.

Refractory Installer:

We offer all types of refractory linings, from brick, ceramic fiber, gunite and plastic to provide a superior lining for your unit. We want your new lining to be a long term solution and keep production moving. We pride ourselves of the safest, most skilled installers in the industry.