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F. S. Sperry Company, Inc.
1907 Vanderhorn Drive
Memphis, TN 38134
Phone: (901) 373-9000
Fax:     (901) 373-9360
Internet: www.fssperry.com

Started in 1946, F. S. Sperry Co. is a multi-industry Refractory Contracting and Material Sales Company.

F. S. Sperry Co. sells, distributes and installs firebrick, castable, plastic and ceramic fiber products from many refractory manufacturers.

Services provided by F. S. Sperry Co. include refractory engineering, turn-key refractory installation, refractory maintenance contracts, inspections and heat-flow analysis.

Our services are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Typical applications include: Aluminum, Boilers, Incinerators, Industrial Furnaces and Steel.

Types of Services:

Aluminizing Crucible Kiln, Shuttle
Aluminum Alloy Drawing Kiln, Tunnel
Aluminum Melting/Holding Electric Laboratory
Annealing Electric Arc Metal Melting
Atmosphere Enameling Muffle
Billet Heating Extrusion Nitriding
Bluing Fluidized Bed Petrochemical
Box Type Forging & Welding Pot Furnace
Brass Smelting Foundry Preheating
Brazing Glass Recuperative
Calcining Glazing Reheating
Carbonitriding Hardening Retort
Carbonizing Heat Treating Reverberatory
Carburizing High Temperature Rotary Hearth
Ceramic Incinerators Sintering
Cofiring Induction Soaking Pit
Controlled Atmosphere Investment Casting Stress Relieving
Conveyor Kiln, Muffle Vacuum
Copper Melting Kiln, Rotary